SUTD Class of 2016 Graduation

Event Type: Graduation

Date of Event: 10/09/2016


The 10th of September marked a major milestone for the pioneer batch of SUTD IEEE-HKN members. The education in SUTD has been a challenging yet fulfilling one.

Besides improving ourselves academically, the members are also grateful for the opportunities brought about through IEEE-HKN. It was through IEEE-HKN that we got to set up a workshop to share knowledge with our SUTD juniors, plan for exhibitions and outreach events, and even attend and help out in a conference. These experiences have definitely helped us develop in a holistic manner.

The graduation also ushered a change of leadership within the society, with new faces due to be introduced soon. We are confident that they would be able to help the club grow in the coming academic year. All the best, juniors!

Written by Yee Zheng Kang


CommunicAsia 2016

Event Type: Outreach/Conference

Date of Event: 02/06/2016

As the world gets increasingly connected, internet-connected devices are also set to proliferate. The potential and challenges resulting from the  Internet-of-Things is thus of great interest to many. This made CommunicAsia 2016, the 27th International Communications and Information Technology Exhibtion and Conference, a hugely exciting event to attend. Spanning a period of 4 days, the event provided a platform for ICT professionals to address the future directions and critical issues in the sector, as well as to develop strategic partnerships.


As an active player in the field of information technology and computer engineering, IEEE was naturally part of the event. As such, members of SUTD IEEE-HKN was also invited to help out at the IEEE both, as well as to learn more about the developments in the sector.

The job of the members was mainly to promote the advantages of an IEEE membership. We also introduced the IEEE Xplore Digital Library, which contains a huge database of publications of different forms, for different fields.

Photo 2-6-16, 13 27 44Photo 2-6-16, 12 05 27 PMPhoto 2-6-16, 1 37 02 PM

A few of us who helped out in the conference area as photographers also had the chance to listen to talks by distinguished guests from both the industry and academia. The topics included the trends of cyber attacks and methods to prevent information thefts by insiders.

Photo 2-6-16, 11 12 11Photo 2-6-16, 11 24 55Photo 2-6-16, 11 58 23Photo 2-6-16, 11 57 23

Although the time spent at the event was short, the talks were enjoyable and enriching. By interacting with the IEEE staff on duty, we were also able to walk away with a better knowledge of IEEE as an organzation.

Written by Yee Zheng Kang

Eletromagnetism (EM) Matters Project Exhibition 2016

Event Type: Exhibition

Date of Event: 14/04/2016

It was a proud day for the students in the Electromagnetism & Applications module, as they showcased their final projects at the EM Matters Exhibition today. The event was graced by representatives from the Land Transport Authority (LTA), Accenture, IEEE Singapore Section and well as the Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES).

The exhibition, jointly organized by SUTD IEEE-HKN and SUTD IES, provided a platform for the students to present their projects to the public after more than a month of hard work. At the same time, it also served to allow SUTD students and invited guests to appreciate some of the innovative possibilities within the domain of EM.


The theme of this year’s project, Sustainable Future Mobility, challenged the students to come up with creative solutions to solve the transport problems of tomorrow. Besides having to research and predict for potential transport issues, students were also expected to show a level of competency in applying the EM knowledge taught in class.


Some of the projects on display at the exhibition
Presenting of project to an interested fellow student


The course instructors going through all the exhibitions as part of the grading process

The event was concluded with a celebratory buffet to reward the students for their effort. The members of SUTD IEEE-HKN have also thoroughly enjoyed the experience of organizing this event. It has provided us with an invaluable experience, which we are sure would benefit us when it comes in organizing future events.

SUTD IEEE-HKN would also like to thank all the invited guests for supporting the event. We would extend our heartfelt gratitude towards the following people/organization for contributing towards the success of the event:

  • IEEE Singapore
  • Intitution of Engineers Singapore
  • Ms. Ginny Gan, Engineering Product Development (EPD) Admin Associate
  • Ms. Sharolyn Tay, Senior Manager of Office of Marketing & Communication
  • Ms. Chu Wenjing, Lab Technologist
  • Mr. Nyan Lin Htat, Lab Technologist

Written by Yee Zheng Kang

Temasek Junior College Sharing on Electromagnetism

Event Type: Outreach

Date of Event: 11/03/2016

SUTD IEEE-HKN enjoyed an outing to Temasek Junior College, which is coindentally Sherwin’s (our Technical Director) alma mater. We were there to promote the topic of Electromagnetism, via a talk by our Faculty Advisor Prof. Shaoying.

Prof. Shaoying first started off by explaining how the interesting concept of invisibility is related to electromagnetism, before illustrating the different applications found throughout a wide range of electromagnetic spectrum. Common eletromagnetism-related applications such as the LCD monitor, RFID and MRI were also explained in detail. The talk was rounded off by a little introduction about SUTD (our university!).

Here are some of the pictures from the event:


We sure hope that the students enjoyed the talk, and mananged to learn more about electromagnetism and its wide range of applications. Perhaps we would even see some future EM engineers among them!

Written by Yee Zheng Kang

STEM INC. Partners Appreciation Session

Event Type: Outreach

Date of Event: 07/03/2016

SUTD IEEE-IKN had the honour to represent IEEE HQ at STEM INC’s Partners Appreciation Session today. The event was held in appreciation of the industry partners that have contributed towards the Ministry of Education’s STEM Applied Learning Programme, and IEEE was one of them.

Photo 7-3-16, 16 33 07
The team from SUTD IEEE-HKN who participated in the event


The IEEE booth on display at the event
Photo 7-3-16, 14 35 18
Prof. Shaoying collecting the Token of Appreciation on behalf of IEEE

Photo 7-3-16, 16 18 28


Photo 7-3-16, 13 42 21

Besides rewarding the industry partners, the session also presented the opportunity for school representatives and industry partners to interact and discuss about potential collaborative STEM outreach projects. On display at IEEE’s booth was an interactive musical circuit that took the shape of a cute little piano. The product, conceived by incoming SUTD students Leonard Hoe and Leong Hei Kern, requires only simple electronic components and operates using easily understandable concepts. As a potential starter kit to introduce students to electronic engineering, it managed to garner some interest amongst the educators present.

The event was an eye-opener for the members of SUTD IEEE-HKN. The team was inspired by the level of committment shown by the various entities in trying to make STEM outreach at primary and secondary school-level a success. In the near future, SUTD IEEE-HKN also hopes to be able to collaborate with some of the schools in promoting engineering to the younger generation.

Written by Yee Zheng Kang

Introductory PCB Design Workshop for SUTD Students

Event Type: Workshop

Date of Event: 05/02/2016

In order to make full use of the printed circuit board (PCB) prototyping facility in SUTD’s Fabrication Lab, one first has to learn how to design a PCB on software. Hence, SUTD IEEE-HKN held a workshop teaching participating students to do just that. The software of choice was the CadSoft EAGLE PCB Design Software.

Besides teaching participants to use the software, the workshop also aimed to provide tips that would be relavant to an SUTD student. This includes designing with the limitations of SUTD’s prototyping machine in mind, as well as some troubleshooting tips. The participants were also given a copy of SUTD IEEE-HKN’s self-written tutorial, which would allow them to practice on the software by following step-by-step instructions in constructing and readying a circuit for fabrication. With this workshop, we hope to be able to see more quality projects making use of the PCB prototyping machine in school.

Written by Yee Zheng Kang

EM Workshop for Anderson Junior College Students

Event Type: Workshop / Outreach

Date of Event: 20/01/2016

Following the trial run conducted earlier this month, SUTD IEEE-HKN today conducted the EM Workshop for 22 Anderson Junior College (AJC) students. These students were from the Science Club in their school, and they all share a strong passion in science and research.

The workshop, which covered the entire process of making a patch antenna, was kicked off by Prof. Shaoying’s short lecture on Electromagnetism and its importance.


The students then proceeded to design their patch antenna using a commercial software. Besides calculating the performance of the designed antenna, the software also allowed the students to visualize the propagation pattern of their antennas, as well as optimize certain design parameters to improve their performance. The lesson was conducted by our president Wei Jian, while other HKN members were on hand to provide guidance along the way.


After getting the antenna design completed on software, it was time to proceed to the actual fabrication. The fabrication was done in-house in SUTD’s Fab Lab, where there are two PCB prototyping machines which can be used to mill the patch antennas.


While at the Fab Lab, the students were also treated to a tour around the facility. The two-storey facility is home to a wide variety of fabrication and prototyping machineries, and it was an eye-opener for the students.


The final part of the workshop involves the testing of the fabricated antennas. Using a Virtual Network Analyzer (VNA), Prof Shaoying helped to quantify the performance of each antenna. She also conducted a series of simple experiments to illustrate how distance, direction and polarization can affect the transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves.


Besides teaching the AJC students about Electromagnetism, the workshop was also an opportunity for them to engage with the staff and students of SUTD, and to further their understanding of the university’s culture. The students ended the workshop with their self-fabricated antennas to boast as souvenirs.

A special mention to our lecturer Dr. Lee Chee Huei for his sharing on EM and SUTD’s pedagogy in today’s workshop! Also, we would like to thank our fellow coursemates in Stanley and Sabareesh for acting as both teaching assistants and tour guides for the event!


Written by Yee Zheng Kang

Electromagnetics (EM) Workshop Trial Run

Event Type: Workshop / Outreach

Date of Event: 04/01/2016

SUTD IEEE-HKN welcomed a group of students from Anderson Junior College today for an EM Workshop. The session today serves as a workshop for prospective students to learn about SUTD’s unique pedagogy, as well as a trial run for HKN members before hosting a larger group on 20 Jan.


Wei Jian teaching the students how to construct, test and optimize a patch antenna using a simulation software
Zheng Kang showing how the PCB milling machine in SUTD’s Fab Lab fabricates the antenna
Sherwin guiding the students through the process of soldering the SMA connector onto the antenna
Prof. Shaoying helping to evaluate the performance of the fabricated antennas


In addition, the students were also treated to a tour of the campus. Stay tuned to learn more about the actual workshop on 20 Jan!

Written by Yee Zheng Kang

SUTD IEEE HKN Installation & Induction 2015

Event Type: Installation & Induction Ceremony

Date of Event: 14/12/2015

The 14th of December was a proud and memorable day for SUTD Student Chapter of IEEE HKN. It was the day where our student chapter was officially installed, and its members inducted. The chapter was also known as the Mu Epsilon Chapter, and a total of 12 candidates were inducted into the chapter. The Installation and Induction Ceremony was graced by the following guests:

Prof. Howard Michel, IEEE President and CEO

Prof. Lim Seh Chun, Associate Provost of Student Affairs of SUTD

Ms. Corinna Chong, Senior Director of the Department of Marketing and Communications at SUTD

Ms. Fanny Su, IEEE APO CEO

Ms. Ewell Tan, IEEE APO Project Manager

Here are some of the pictures taken during the Installation and Induction Ceremony:


Prof. Howard Michel giving a speech
The candidates taking the binding pledge of IEEE-HKN
Prof. Lim presenting a token of appreciation to Prof. Howard Michel


An informal sharing session with Prof. Howard Michel after the ceremony

We would like to acknowledge the contributions by the following partners and persons in making the ceremony a success:

Refreshment sponsor: IEEE Singapore Section

Event coordinator: Ginny Gan (SUTD, EPD)

Photographer and videographer: Chu Wenjing (SUTD, EPD)

Written by Yee Zheng Kang

Circuits & Electronics + Structures & Materials Combined Project Exhibition

Event Type: Exhibition

Date of Event: 03/12/2015

Havings projects that span across different modules is pretty common in SUTD. The intention of such projects is to allow students to appreciate the importance of having a board education, since products of today are rarely conceived using only knowledge from a single domain.

Near the end of the semester is always an exciting time in SUTD, as it is when you’ll get to see many interesting projects on display in campus. The members of SUTD IEEE HKN had the privilege to assist in organizing one of such project exhibitions. The exhibition served two main purposes. First, it provided an opportunity for the rest of the school to learn more about the pillar of Engineering Product Development (EPD). Second, it brought three class of students to a single venue so that it was easy for the teaching staff to view and grade their projects.

C&E + S&M Combined Project Exhibition 2015

For their projects, the students had to make use of the knowledge learnt in two modules (Circuits & Electronics + Structures & Materials) to come up with biomedical or rehabilitative products.

Who says physiotherapy has to be boring? This group seeks to infuse monotonous therapy exercise with gaming experience.
An Ironman’s Arc Reactor that only lights up if your posture is good!
Even the back looks as cool as the front. A simple yet elegant technique of using laser beams and light-dependent resistors to correct your posture.
SLEEPEEZY wakes you gently by gradually increasing the intensity of ambient light


The invitied guest from the industry and the teaching staff evaluating the projects on display

A simply buffet lunch capped off the event, which enjoyed a decent turnout. It was a fruitful day for SUTD IEEE HKN, with good food, interesting projects and wonderful experience gained through organizing the event.

Written by Yee Zheng Kang